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A Little About Bruce

Bruce Bradford-Royle always knew he wanted to go into comedy. It was when he realized that it was a higher calling than just making people laugh when he started BBR Comedy –  Funny with a Purpose.  Bruce loves making people laugh, but his gift is really being Funny with a Purpose. Faith, wit, sarcasm and observational humor combine for  a funny, meaningful and clean show.

Bruce has introduced well-known Christian music artist Mark Schultz, opened up for River City Improv, an improvisational comedy group based in west Michigan, and been the keynote speaker at multiple fund raisers. He has spoken in front of crowds ranging from 40 to over 4,000 and is comfortable with audiences of all sizes and venues. His social media presence is evident of his success with turning everyday occurrences into hilarious situational comedy.

Living in west Michigan with his wife and three children, Bruce has owned and operated a recruiting firm  since2001. He attends All Shores Wesleyan Church, is a Cadet counselor and an awesome husband and father. Book Bruce for an event, church service, corporate retreat or fund raiser.

Eye Witness Testimonies

John – It is hard not to laugh whenever you have a conversation with Bruce. He is a funny guy and knows not only what to say and but how to say it in a way that will always get a response. I’ve invited Bruce to speak for me a couple of times and he has done an awesome job. He uses his humor to connect with audiences and to point them towards something significant. Whether it is a 1 on 1 conversation or standing in front a few thousand people, Bruce is an effective communicator who relies on good thoughts and a great sense of humor

Charlotte – Funny and insightful thought-provoking ideas on everyday life! I Love this guy!!!

Jim – Very entertaining for all audiences.

Karen – Bruce is not only funny but genuine. The stories he shares are not only funny but meaningful. Love it!

Kristi – BBR is funny there is no doubt. What I love about his comedy is his stories come from his life lessons, his love of family and friends and his deep faith. Oh and throw in his sarcasm and ability to laugh at himself and you see the real deal.

Zach – Bruce may be the funniest man I know. I know that is like saying “Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time,” but I think Bruce really truly is. And if you disagree with me, you’re wrong. Haha

Spencer –Thoughtful and funny dude… All around stand-up guy!

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